Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 37

Mr. Wolfe moved to the side at the direction from Thurstan. The monster attacked the wolf from the ground, biting it for 10 damage. The wolf bit back hitting and dealing 7 damage. Clint attacked with Merthύvial and his shortsword but missed the invisible monster with both. Dargoth executed a mighty swing, power attacking the monster with his bastard sword. The blow landed true dealing 37 damage and slicing clean through the monster, killing it.

A careful examination of the area revealed 13 mushrooms matching the description provided by Es Sarch. It takes only a few rounds to harvest the fungi.

A drow corpse was also found. It was wearing magic chainmail made from fine silver links painted black. Thurstan and Banjo identified the armor as +1 Elven Chain.

After a minute, the dead fungus return to be visible. They look like this:

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