Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Banrhialorg (Queen's Staff)

A finely tapered staff of ash wood, Banrhialorg (Celestial for “Queen’s Staff”) is shod with unblemished gold on its foot and a golden draconic head with sapphire eyes and a ruby tongue on its top. Close examination reveals that the faint lines and veins in the wood form a sequence of arcane runes that repeat down the staff’s length.

Non-legacy functions: Masterwork quarterstaff that also functions as a lesser metamagic rod of Extend Spell.

Omen: When an arcane spellcaster grasps the staff, the golden head’s sapphire eyes flash with lightning and its tongue burns with fire, shedding light like a candle. The wielder can suppress this display as a free action, but it returns when the wielder picks up the staff anew.

Legacy Rituals (Only included the one up to 9th level. There are two more rituals and the level chart expands out to 20th level.)

Past Wrongs: You must track down an NPC against whom you or your family committed a transgression, making amends to this person by offering items or service that are your to give. (The cost of the ritual represents this sacrifice.) If the individual refuses the payment, you must sacrifice the items or services to a temple dedicated to Nethys.
Cost: 3,500 GP. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Banrhialorg).

Wielder           Skill Check           Save          Caster Level       Spell Slot              Abilities               
Level               Penalty                 Penalty       Penalty                 Loss
5th                     ---                           ---                 ---                      ---                      Arcane cipher
6th                     ---                           ---                 ---                      1st                      Arcane alacrity
7th                     ---                           -1                  -1                      ---                      ---
8th                     -1                            ---                 ---                     2nd                      ---
9th                     ---                           ---                  ---                     ---                      ---          

Skill Check Penalty: Current penalty to all skill checks.

Save Penalty: Current penalty to all saving throws.

Caster Level Penalty: Current penalty to caster level.

Spell Slot Loss: Level of the spell slot which currently is lost.

Arcane Cipher: You can use detect magic, read magic and arcane mark at will as spells, using a different command word for each.

Arcane Alacrity: Your ability to prepare or manipulate arcane magic improves. If you prepare arcane spells, you require 20 minutes to prepare your daily allotment of spells rather than the standard hour. Preparing some smaller portion of your daily allotment of spells takes a proportionally smaller amount of time, but always at least 5 minutes. If you spontaneously cast arcane spells, adding a meta magic feat to an arcane spell does not increase that spell’s casting time.


  1. "MUUAHAHAHHAHAHAH I COULD KILL YOU A--- Ahem, cough cough cough. Just kidding, hah. So, um, yeah. I'll be keeping this."

    Banjo is from a Chelaxian family of wizards, so there should be a plethora of victims that curse his family name. Sounds like a role-play heavy activity though. Banjo will want to buy off this disad asap, either by the roleplay thing or finding a temple of Nethys.

    1. I am willing to hand wave the ritual as long as you pay the 3500 GP cost and spend some time doing it. If you do not have the money or the time you do have access to the non-legacy functions and the omen until such time as you do..

    2. Is there a temple of Nethys in Pedestal?

  2. Oh great now he is going to walk with a limp like an old school Pimp.

    Just what we need. Sweet Staff BTW.

  3. Waaaait a minute. You get the disads no matter what? I had the impression the ritual was to buy off the disads. If that's the case, it's really not worth it to do the ritual until I can cast 4th level spells.

  4. So I can bond with it only to the level of Arcane Cipher? If that's the case I will do that