Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wrapping things up and moving on

It has been a busy start to 2014 but I am ready to proceed with this game.

At this point, unless you decide to poke something that you have already skipped, we are at the end of the adventure.

Can we assume the following?

  • Un-stone Mr. Wolfe.
  • Visit Es Sarch and tell him what you discovered.
  • Research three scrolls (two opened and one not) which are written in a language that none of you speak.
  • Sell unwanted gear in Pedestal.
Do you really want to un-stone other statues? If so which ones? So far I have heard the angelic being preparing to take flight. After that you have one more vial of oil.

If you wish to resolve all of the above, we can end this adventure and start the next one. That means you will level up. (I will need PDF copies of your 7th level guys.)

The next adventure will start with your investigation of the Electric Gate.