Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 106

What do you do now?

Starting positions for Turn 106 are displayed on the Combat Map.

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Banjo – Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Dargoth - 4 STR damage (- 2 to STR-bases skills and abilities)
Dargoth – Deafened: –4penalty on initiative checks, automatically fails Perception checks based on sound, takes a –4 penalty on opposed Perception checks, and has a 20% chance of spell failure when casting spells with verbal components. (1 hour)
Kirlic - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Mr. Wolfe - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Thurstan - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)


Party Health:

Thurstan 72/72, Mr. Wolfe 43/43, Banjo 60/60, Clint 66/66, Dargoth 84/84,
Kirlic 76/81


Map Key:

Gray is the room floor.
Dotted white rectangle is a secret door.
Light blue rectangles are mirrors.
Dark gray pie shape is spiral stairs.
Column K represents the ascent of the spiral stairs.

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 105

Banjo cast Magic Missile at the shardcaster. The spell penetrated the construct’s spell resistance and dealt 11 damage. Kirlic attacked twice with his curved blade. Both attacks struck home dealing 6 and 16 damage respectively through the monster’s damage reduction.

Thustan channeled positive energy to heal the party. This healed Dargoth to full and removed 11 damage from Kirlic. Mr. Wolfe attacked with his bite but missed. Clint attacked with both of his weapons. The attack from Merthύvial hit but the blow from Organripper missed the shardcaster. The sneak attack dealt 14 damage past the construct’s damage reduction and destroyed it. The remaining tentacles redrew back into the mirrors.

Dargoth looked around for another target but nothing presented itself. The fighter cocked his head and shook it some trying to clear the ringing in his ears.

Once the combat was finished Clint noticed a secret door beyond to the mirror to his right.