Friday, February 12, 2010

Lost my way ...

I apologize for my lack of posts of late. I have been working long hours and have not had much time to make updates.

I am interested in continuing the game but it appears that I once again have a reduction of players. Christian has decided not to play and Darn has not responded so I am assuming that he is no longer able to play.

With the absence of Christian and Daren, that leaves Matt H, Matt F, Bruce and Dave. That is a rogue, fighter, cleric and sorcerer which will cover the basic food groups. I was considering retiring Torvald and Render. If there is a desire to continue to play them (or some other character) I will need a commitment from one of the remaining players to play them.

I will try to complete the turn 68 results over the weekend and get back to posting regularly next week.