Monday, April 28, 2014

Current progress

I have characters from Dave, Bruce and Matt F. Still waiting on Matt H.

Steve sent me an e-mail saying he wants to play. So I am now waiting on his character too.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Treasure List

Here is what is on the treasure list which has not yet been divided or sold.

Since Brad will not continue to play, I am ok if you split it 4 ways.

Elemental Gem (Air)

Elemental Gem (Fire)

4 Greataxes

18 poisoned arrows (injury; save Fort DC 18; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d3 Str; cure 2 consecutive saves.)

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

+1 studded leather armor

+1 buckler

+1 Shortbow

Obsidian ring with skull rune carved inside loop - a more powerful version of the token provided by Es Sarch. In addition to bypassing the trap in the spire's entry room it allowed the wearer to control the bloodhulk.

A small gold rod with a head showing an opened fanged mouth about to close over a blue agate that resembles a globe (magic) - The rod is somehow connected to the device that is arcing lightning.


Oil of Stone to Flesh

Oil of Stone to Flesh

Field Provisions Box


412 PP

2 light pieces of art (400 GP) total

A crystal goblet (25 GP)

A set of gem-inset flatware (500 GP)

A gold comb (150 GP)

A platinum circlet (450 GP)

Darkwood Coffer containing 100 PP

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Progress Update

I have new character sheets for Banjo and his new follower Natalya. Still looking for copies from the rest of the players.

We also need to get the treasure list sorted out. All items need to either be given to a character or sold.

After that I will:

  • Post the new characters sheets
  • Post a new character summary file
  • Post the first turn of the new adventure
The sooner your parts happen, the sooner I can do my parts.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meeting Natalya

Banjo took Leadership.  His sidekick is a drow bard...

                “Well this disappoints, yes?  I thought you’d be female.”
                Banjo looked up from the runes on Banrhialorg.  The speaker was a stunner of a drow, clad in what looked to his eye as typical adventuring gear.  He glanced around the tavern to be sure his friends were about.  Clint was ensconced at the bar, and met Banjo’s gaze with a squinty-eyed glance from under his ridiculous hat.  He didn’t see Thurstan but the great gray Mister Wolf was nearby.  There was no sign of Dargoth.
                He leaned back in his chair, both to get a better regard of the woman and to give himself time to consider offensive spells.  “You sound like my father,” he said.  “What do you want?”
                She smiled and gracefully took the chair opposite him.  “I merely wish to serve.”
                He rolled his eyes.  “You’ve picked the wrong adventurer to play word games with.  Get to the point or piss off.”  He raised Banrhialorg upright and let the lightning and fire play about the head.
                Her eyes widened, regarding the miniature lighting playing about the eyes of the dragon-headed staff.  “This is a threat, you give?”
                He shrugged, causing odd shadows to flicker and dance from the lightning and firelight.  “A little.”
                She smiled again and looked him in the eye.  “Good.  It is a fear I have: that because you are male your bowels be watery and spine all soft.”
                “Ha!” he snorted, grinning.  “I have been accused of being a bit too brash, if anything.  So what are you doing—“
                “I have been given vision by the Goddess,” she interrupted.  “To aid you in your quest.”
                His grin vanished, replaced by a scowl.  “The Spider Queen bade you—“
                “Why is it when you surfacers hear a drow speak of Goddess, you think Spider Queen?”
                “Because it’s usually the case?  What god, then?”
                Her smile turned seductive.  “Calistria.”
                He frowned.  He knew just enough about gods to use their names in bawdy curses.  “Calistria is…?”       
                “Elvish goddess of trickery, lust, and revenge,” Thurstan interjected, appearing on his right.  “Who’s yer friend?” he asked, jerking his chin at the woman.
                “Uh, she didn’t—“
                “My name is Natalya,” she said.  She regarded Thurstan’s bearded countenance coolly.  “Who are you?”
                “Your goddess gave you a vision and you don’t know our names?” Banjo asked.
                “The Goddess gave me a vision of you, Bonjerus Valerae,” she replied, stabbing the air with a small finger.  She waved her hand dismissively.  “Your servants are of minor consequence.”
                “Servants?!” Thurstan, Clint, and Dargoth interjected.  Clint and Dargoth appeared suddenly on his left, while Thurstan and his great wolf stood on the right.  Natalya and Banjo were the only ones seated.
                He didn’t bother stifling his laughter.  “They are not my servants.  If they were, we’d all be a lot richer,” he muttered, shooting a glare at Clint. 
                Clint shrugged.  “Or less rich, and still recovering from our wounds,” he said coolly.  “Or dead.”
                “Or dead,” Dargoth agreed.
                “Or dead,” Thurstan grunted.
                “Hey, easy!” Banjo exclaimed.   The men chuckled. 
Natalya smiled.  “You surfacers are very funny, yes.”
“So let us get this straight, ma’am,” Clint said.  “Your Goddess gave you a vision.  In that vision, she told you to follow Bonjerus Valerae and aid him in whatever manner you can.  That about sum it up?”
She smiled again.  “This is true, yes.  Bonjerus Valerae only, nothing about his servants—or companions.”           
Clint turned from her and gave Banjo a raised-eyebrow look, to say “it’s up to you.”  He frowned and regarded the woman again.  She certainly was nice to look at—but most drow would use that to get you to let your guard down.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have a native guide here in the Underdark, since it seemed they were destined to go deeper and deeper in.
On the other hand – he shrugged and looked up at Thurstan.  “What the hell?”
“Yeah what the hell,” Dargoth interjected.  “The first guy she kills will be you and that’ll be our warning!”
Banjo rolled his eyes. 
“That is not true,” Natalya said.  “If I were to kill anyone, I would save Bonjerus Valerae for last.”



Three Scrolls

Scroll 1

My Lord Gazaron,

Hail the Vanguard of Sertrous!

                As you see, I am good to my word. Through Fadheela, I have sent you the bones and most of the items you requested. I still search for Merthύvial as I write this – the blade is hidden well. I hope the Vanguard is pleased.

                You would do well, my lord, to consider your contract with the hobgoblin mercenaries breached. The brutes went on a looting spree that almost compromised the entire mission.

Should you desire it, I volunteer to deal with Krootad – their leader, the priest of Urgathoa, if you remember – myself.

-          Xeron

Scroll 2


                You have our thanks for sending the bones and items to us here in the fortress. With the king’s bones in hand, the phrophecy is about to be bent to the will of the Vanguard of Sertrous! However, two of the items are missing from what you sent – Merthύvial and Banrhialorg. Please explain this discrepancy.

-          Gazaron

Scroll 3


That fool Xeronnever sent Merthύvial as he promised he would, nor has he arrived in Pedestal to deliver it to me. That;s your mess to clean. His worthless lackeys tried to withhold the items youwanted until their master arrived, so you got what you have only because I brook no defiance. The sword might still  show up, or Xeron is dead. I do not know which is likely, nor do I care.

 I am taking the staff as my own, and if you want it, you will have to face me. I’ve sent the bones and other weapons along. Count yourself lucky I did not reserve anything else for myself.

-          Fadheela

Loose Ends

The party is able to un-stone Mr. Wolfe using one of the oils of stone to flesh.

Es Sarch is pleased when you return with additional information about the Spike, Fadheela and the Vanguard of Sertrous. As payment he gives the party a darkwoord coffer containing 100 PP. He also helps decipher the three scrolls. (See the next post.)

Lastly, the small gold rod with a head showing an opened fanged mouth about to close over a blue agate that resembles a globe is the Sertous Key and it is used to open the Elerctric Gate in Fadheela's lair. (This leads to the next adventure.)

When you have sold the unwanted gear, divided the treasure and everyone has sent me an updated PDF copy of their character sheet (you should now be 7th level) we can start the next adventure.

Not Dead Yet

OK. Let's try this one last time. I felt like I was waiting on the players but I think I owed you all some stuff for things to proceed.

I heard from Bruce, Dave, Matt F and Matt H that they were interested in continued play. I have heard nothing from Brad or Steve.

If you guys are good with proceeding with just 4 players (or know of someone else that would like to play) we can continue.