Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 136

A search of the stone chest revealed it to be unlocked and not trapped. It contained 412 PP and three vials of viscous oil. The stone coffer was carved with runes denoting abundance. It was neither locked nor trapped but was found to be empty.

A search of the closet revealed several outfits of traveling attire and black suits. Some were complete sets of clothing while some were only tops. At the back of the room Clint discovered a secret door.
Examination of the staff revealed that it was a finely tapered staff of ash wood, shod with unblemished gold on its foot and a golden draconic head with sapphire eyes and a ruby tongue on its top. Close examination revealed that the faint lines and veins in the wood formed a sequence of arcane runes that repeated down the staff’s length.
A casting of Detect Magic revealed that the staff, the stone coffer and the three vials all radiated magical auras.

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