Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 34

Mr. Wolfe attempted to bite the fungus monster but missed. Clint attacked with Merthύvial. The sword hit the mark dealing 5 damage. The rogue continued to cough taking 1 damage. Dargoth took a mighty swing at the monster but again failed to connect with his bastard sword. Thustan continued to cough taking 1 damage. The cleric channeled positive energy to heal the party. His efforts healed N’Kima 15 damage and cured himself, Clint and Kirlic fully.

Turok, in bear form, attempted to savage the fungus. The druid missed the with his bite and first claw but the second hit dealing 12 damage. Kirlic switched to his Elven curved blade and attempted to strike with a two-handed blow. He was rewarded for his efforts, striking true and dealing 26 damage. After there was a loud crash and a thump. N’Kima was forced to continue squeezing to remain in the clearing between his master and Kirlic. The ape sensed the danger to the right had passed and switched to attack the monster to the left with his bite and claws. All of the ape’s attacks missed the target. Banjo cast a Mirror Image Spell creating 5 images of himself and began shouting to taunt the monsters. This tactic did not produce any immediate effect.

The fungus to the left of N’Kima attacked the ape again biting for 15 damage.

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