Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 36

Mr. Wolfe attacked with its bite but missed. Clint attacked with Merthύvial, hitting the monster with his magic longsword for 22 damage. Dargoth attacked the monster with a mighty swing of his bastardsword but missed the invisible creature. Thustan Channeled Positive Energy healing Mr. Wolfe and Dargoth to full and curing 13 damage from N’Kima.

Turok attacked with his bite and both claws. The druid missed will all of his attacks. Kirlic attempted another two-handed blow from his curved blade. Again the blow landed dealing 14 damage. N’Kima attacked with his bite and claws but only one claw found the target dealing 9 damage. Banjo moved closer to the action and held the spell charge for Touch of Fatigue.

From the ground, the monster attacked Clint with its bite but it missed the rogue.

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