Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 62

Dargoth bent down and power attacked the two monsters under the table with his bastard sword. The first attack landed dealing 20 damage but the second attack missed. The monsters came out from under the table and attacked. The first closed in on Clint. The rogue managed to slice the monster with Merthύvial for 8 damage before it bit at him twice and missed. The other moved to attack Kirlic. The ranger swung his flail hitting and dealing 7 damage. The monster bit Kirlic dealing 2 damage. Kirlic swung his flail twice more dealing another 7 damage with the first and missing with the second.

The monster in the fireplace moved to attack Mr. Wolfe again. The wolf snapped at the monster but missed. The monster returned the sentiment snapping twice. The first attack missed and the second hit dealing 1 damage. The remaining monster moved to attack Banjo. The sorcerer slashed with his dagger dealing 3 damage. It bit at Banjo dealing 1 damage and missed with the second.

Clint stepped back and slashed at the monster with Merthύvial and Organ Ripper. The longsword struck dealing 8 damage and the dagger missed the mark. Banjo stepped back and fired a wand of Magic Missiles at the monster that attacked him. The force missile dealt 5 damage and killed the monster. The second missile targeted the one that attacked Clint, dealing 3 damage. Mr. Wolfe attacked the monster attacking him but the bite missed. Thurstan came to the aid of his companion, skewering the enemy for 24 damage.

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