Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 67

What do you do next?

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Banjo – Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Kirlic - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Mr. Wolfe - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Thurstan - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)


Party Health:

Thurstan 71/72, Mr. Wolfe 32/43, Banjo 60/60, Clint 63/66, Dargoth 68/84,
Kirlic 81/81


Map Key:

Gray is the floor.
White rectangles are doors.
White rectangles with dotted lines are secret doors.
Charcoal pie shape is iron spiral stairs.
Orange rectangles are fireplaces with shelves and iron rods.
Light gray rectangles are shelves (I5:I6) and a table with utensil rack (J4:K4).
Blue circular wedge (M3) is an empty sink.
Black star is a gargoyle spigot.


  1. cast detect magic. did we investigate the sink and spigot? if not, i do..


  2. At this point you have searched the entire room. You do not detect any magic.

  3. "SARENRAE'S SPICY SLIT! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" Banjo bellows after the fight, gesturing to the now-still mimic.

    Wait for the fighters to shake it off. Get in line behind the meatsheilds.

  4. Shrugs off the effects.

    Think we should burn this thing? Will it come back to life?

    I don't like it. Drag it to the chimney and torch?

  5. BTW:

    I will be in Las Vegas for the next week. I am not taking my PC. So I might respond via a normal email.

    Just an Fyi.

  6. Bump again.

    Still looking for posts from Matt H and Brad.

  7. did the order of their names really matter?

  8. Clint will move to J8 and peer down the hallway to the South... and once again listen at the door there, in case anyone heard the bellowing.


  9. Bruce, I suspect he was posting in order of annoyance. He didn't want Matt to feel left out. :)

    Kirlic wipes the slime from the beast away. "I feel so... funky." he remarks blandly. If no one detects anything worth following up on in this room, he waits for the south door once Clint deems it clear. Kirlic steps to I7, bow drawn and awaiting the rogue's word.

    Misc: 20,9,10,8,12