Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 64

Dargoth power attacked the mimic with his bastard sword one handed. The blow landed dealing 19 damage but was stuck fast to the monster. Clint stepped forward and attacked with Merthύvial and Organ Ripper. The blow from the longsword hit and dealt 16 damage but the dagger missed. Neither blade was stuck to the monster.

Banjo stepped back and cast a Haste spell on the party. Mr. Wolfe climbed to the top of the table. The mimic lashed out with a pseudopod slamming the wolf for 12 damage and sticking fast. The wolfe bit the monster dealing 6 damage. Thurstan stepped back and channeled positive energy to heal the party. The channel healed Thurstan and Mr. Wolfe or 14 damage and the remainder of the party back to full.

The mimic crushed Dargoth for 7 damage. Let go of the paralyzed Kirlic and attacked Clint. The pseudopod missed its target. The bite was directed at Dargoth. The grappled fighter could not bring all of his defenses to bear and suffered the attack. The bite dealt 9 damage and paralyzed the fighter.

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