Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 65

Clint slashed the monster with Merthύvial and Organ Ripper. He missed with the magic longsword on the first strike but succeeded with it and the magic dagger on the second try. The rogue dealt a total of 11 damage and managed to keep his weapons from getting stuck to the mimic’s sticky skin. Banjo cast a Scorching Ray which hit the beast for 17 damage. Mr. Wolfe targeted the monster with his bite. The wolf managed to bite it once dealing 4 damage. Thurstan cast a Lightning Arc defensively from the corner. The spell-like ability struck the monster dealing 3 damage.

The mimic crushed Mr. Wolfe dealing 7 damage. It attacked Clint with its free pseudopod and its bite. The slam attack missed but the bite struck the rogue a glancing nip dealing 3 damage. The elf managed not to become paralyzed.

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