Monday, January 30, 2012

Reminder - Use all your attacks

Last turn I had to take secondary attack actions for Dargoth and Kirlic. Neither performed more than a 5-foot step and both have a +6 base attack bonus. I used your rolls but it would be better if the actions came from you.


  1. Kirlic had switched weapons, I thought that would prevent a second attack, no? (he always has bow in hand unless I state otherwise)

  2. Normally switching weapons counts as a move action (unless done as part of a move). Any move after that would count as your standard action and prevent an attack. I assumed that Kirlic dropped his bow and drew another weapon. If that is not the case, you can be where you are and I can remove the damage dealt last turn.

  3. Nah, no point in rewinding time,especially if things went my way. :) I'll just remember to get my bow at the end of combat.

    Just to make sure I understand- Could I have drew a weapon during my 5' step, making it into a normal move then attack after? I was a little confused when I tried to apply the "Any move after that would count as your standard action and prevent an attack." statement to my action.

  4. Normally the rule is if you have at least a +1 Base Attack Bonus and move at least 10 feet, you can draw a weapon as part of the move. Otherwise it takes a move action of Quick draw feat.

    I was being generous.

  5. Well...

    I was still using my character sheet from Level 5.

    Updated my sheet so it will not happen.