Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 60

Banjo maintained his Detect Magic and moved to look over the shoulder of Clint. The rogue moved around the corner to examine the hallway and doors more closely.

Thurstan and his wolf silently padded their way toward the sink, stopping to examine the gargoyle statue and basin. The apparatus appeared to be a sink that no longer functions. Dargoth and Kirlic followed behind the cleric and his companion.

Five tiny, vaguely humanoid accumulations of ash, bone and teeth dart from the fireplaces. Their leg-like appendages make a repulsive pattering as they surge forward with alarming speed. Sooty dust they have stirred up lends a bitter tang to the air.

Three monsters darted from the fireplace to the east surprising Kirlic, Dargoth, Mr. Wolfe and Thurstan. They moved underfoot and attacked the ranger, the wolf and the cleric with their bite. Only Thurstan was successfully bitten, taking 2 damage. Two more monsters darted from the northern fireplace and attacked Banjo. One of the monsters scored a bite dealing 3 damage to the sorcerer.

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