Friday, November 18, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 52

Banjo cast Magic Missile at Drow 2. The spell hit and penetrated the dark elf’s spell resistance. Kirlic moved forward past the unconscious Clint and let loose with a focused shot from his short bow. The arrow flew true and struck the drow in the throat dealing 29 damage.

The drow slashed at Thurstan with his scimitar. The attack found its mark dealing 10 damage to the cleric. The drow gave ground and stepped back toward the corner.

Thurstan stepped forward into the space vacated by the enemy. He stabbed with his rapier but missed the well armored foe. Mr. Wolfe maneuvered around his master and attacked the drow from the top. The snapping jaws of the wolf missed the dark elf. Dargoth moved closer to the fight awaiting an opportunity to engage the foe.

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