Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 51

Banjo stepped back an unleashed a Scorching Ray at the nearest drow. The ray stuck true and bypassed the drow’s spell resistance dealing 19 damage. Clint moved forward and tumbled past the first drow but did not have enough momentum to make it to the next. Not wanting to lose the opportunity of surprise, the rogue slashed at the first drow with Merthύvial. The magic blade dealt 20 damage. Kirlic moved toward the opening and fired a focused shot at the far drow. The shot sailed past Clint and struck the enemy behind the pillar dealing 11 damage.

The drow next to Clint power attacked with his scimitar but missed the elusive rogue. The archer behind the pillar scored a hit the elf dealing 7 damage. The arrow was poisoned and Clint slumped into unconsciousness. After firing, the drow retreated back to the next pillar.

Dargoth stepped forward and power attacked the drow with his bastard sword. The blow landed in spectacular fashion, dealing 33 damage. The dark elf died. Thurstan moved forward to engage the archer but could not attack. Mr. Wolfe folled his master and attacked with his bite but the attack missed.

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