Monday, April 19, 2010

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 79

A swarm of smaller leeches moved closer to the action from the far side of the pool.

Banjo cast a Magic Missile at the leech on Dargoth. The spell dealt 7 damage. Thurstan shot another Lightning Arc. This time the shot was on the mark but the spell fizzled against the creature’s magic resistance. Thurstan’s wolf bit at the monster dealing another 5 damage. After its attack, the animal got out of the water because it sense more danger on its way.

Clint waited, ready to react should something were to come out of the water. To his horror, the elf watched as Dargoth floundered in the water barely staying afloat. The fighter was able to smack at the monster with his bastard sword dealing an additional 7 damage but he was not able to make it any closer to shore.

The sight grew even more gruesome as a second giant leach attached itself to the warrior. The creature drained blood from Dargoth causing 1 point of CON damage. Next a swarm of smaller leeches surrounded Dargoth. The swarm dealt 6 damage and 1 point of CON damage. Lastly, the original leech drained blood causing 1 point of CON damage.

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