Thursday, April 1, 2010

Barrow of the Forgotten King - GM Turn Post 74

The ladder ascends 30 feet and allows exit into a room.

You enter a large room with irregular stone walls, a rough floor, and a high, uneven ceiling. You see no sign of the carefully carved features present in the other sections of this complex, instead crude carvings and patterns of what might be writing decorate the rough walls and floor.

Investigation soon reveals that this area as a labyrinth. The maze is filled with many twists, turns and dead ends. There are also tracks of the grave robbers that have proceeded the party. Following them proves difficult at best. The whole area radiates strong magic of the abjuration and conjuration schools.

This proves to be a powerful magical effect. As the party travels through the area, they are attacked by summoned creatures that include fiendish versions of wolverines, dire weasels, monstrous spiders, boars and monstrous scorpions. After several encounters, a hound archon appears and motions the group to follow. The party follows and is lead from the labyrinth. It leads the group to the next area before it disappears.

You look down on a cavern that appears natural. Openings pierce the southern and northern walls, allowing ingress and egress from several points. A deep and dark pool fills most of the room, though a rough, pebbly floor is visible to the east, and three spires of rock with flat tops jut from the water, one of them not far from where you now stand.

The spires are 10 feet above the water’s surface. The floor of the labyrinth is 20 feet above the cavern floor and surface of the water.

What do you do next?

As this is potentially a tactical encounter, please call out movement paths by square.

Starting positions for Turn 74 are displayed on the Combat Map.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template


Map Key:

Dark Gray is the labyrinth floor.
Textured Dark Gray is rubble.
Light Gray is the cavern floor and spire tops.
Blue is water.
Labyrinth floor is 20 feet above the cavern floor/water.
Spires are 10 feet above the water.


  1. I eclipsed the labyrinth encounters as I felt that they would work better if we were playing a table top session. I do not think that they would have translated well into the blog format and it would have taken weeks to run all of the combats.

    The point of the encounter is that the people that you are chasing would have had as difficult or worse time nagigating the maze.

  2. Character Name – Banjo the Cautious
    Player Action Response - Operation: Stay Behind the Meatshield
    GM Turn Post #74

    Move 1 – Stay 2 squares behind the fighter or cleric if they move west around the water
    Attack –
    Move 2 –
    Cast a Spell –maintain Detect Magic
    Use Ability/Item/Skill –
    Search –
    Talk to X –

    Initiative Roll –10

    Attack Roll (s) –
    Confirm Potential Crit –

    Damage Roll(s) –
    Crit Damage –
    Special Damage –

    Rolls for Saving Throws/Skill checks –

    19, 12, 19, 11, 8, 8, 7, 9

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  5. thurstan looks expectantly at Clint, and makes the international sign of are-you-going-to-look-for-traps, by pointing at him with one hand then down the path and holding his other hand flatened above his eyes as if looking far away in the direction we plan on going.

  6. Clint, recognizing the sign, decides to head South...(O13-O14-O15) and then heads towards the edge of the Labyrinth floor to the West... (N15-M15-L15... to J15) Along the way he executes a careful search for traps, and evidence of anyone/anything else that might be in the area. It is his sincerest wish that the party be as quiet as possible while following...

    [4] [2] [18] [6] [2] [19] [4] [8] [1] [1]

  7. Clint is able to move down the hallway to the western opening. No traps were detected along his path.

    From his vantage in J15, he can see into the "dry" portion of the room. The floor is 20 feet below. It is natural stone. It is uneven and covered in pebbles. The floor looks slick and difficult to maneuver (hindering terrain: 2 squares of movement per 5 feet moved.)

    The walls looks like they would be a difficult climb. They are also natural stone and slippery. The ceiling is 20 feet above the level of the labyrinth floor and 40 feet above the cavern floor.

  8. responce to GM turn post #74
    Thurstan Howl - Initiative (+1) =
    action - follow in the steps of clint
    Attack roll....(+6) -
    Damage roll..(d8+5) -
    Extra d20 rolls for Thurstan & wolf -
    [18] [16] [12] [20] [16] [13] [18] [2] [15]
    T.H.Wolf - Initiative (+2) =
    action - follow in the steps of thurstan
    move -
    Attack roll....(+2) -
    Damage roll...d6+1) -
    Special,trip...(+4) -

  9. is there a place to secure a rope, that we might climb down?

  10. Responce to GM Post #74.

    Quietly follow behind Clint (Sneek).
    Waiting for something to spring out and ATTACK!

    Hand on the sword hilt, ready to spring into action. (It is sheathed currently).

    Incase I slip so I don't lose my weapon. Double checking the strap on the rear of my shield.

    Drawing on my knowledge of Dungeoning / Engineering to see if I have any idea what this place is or some hint of what it was used for.

    All Rolls Unmodified:
    [16] [14] [10] [18] [14]

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