Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 73

Not liking the look of the previous room, Clint headed back through the dining room and back to the initial hallway. The rouge examined the door immediately opposite. It was not locked or trapped. The elf opened the door to investigate further.

Cobwebbed niches and pedestals display dusty skulls and bones of humanoid creatures. Suddenly, the doorway makes a sound as if the door is opening, and the translucent shade of a gaunt drow male shambles in, clicking his black staff against the floor. As you watch, he removes his cloak and hangs it on the wall near the door, then abruptly cocks his head and looks upward, mouthing words silently and looking angry. He rushes out of the room, disappearing near the doorway. You see a cloak still hangs near the door.

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