Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 72

What do you do next?

Starting positions for Turn 72 are displayed on the Combat Map.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.



Banjo – Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Kirlic - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Kirlic – Resist Energy: Acid (30 minutes)
Mr. Wolfe - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Thurstan - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)

Party Health:

Thurstan 71/72, Mr. Wolfe 32/43, Banjo 60/60, Clint 63/66, Dargoth 68/84,
Kirlic 81/81


Map Key:

Gray is the floor.
White rectangles are doors.
Light gray rectangle is the table.
Black rectangles are chairs.
Orange cross is the candelabrum.
Green rectangles are beds.


  1. I'm going to keep up detect magic and follow Clint as he blazes a safe (at least checked) trail. Mr Wolfe will be at heel.

    20 20 12 10 14

  2. Scratch Mr Wolf behind the ears. Idly count the number of magic items visible amongst all party members.

    11 5 1 20 18

  3. Clint moves back into the hallway, and stealths towards the unknown... Moves to the corner (F8) and sneaks a look around. IF clear, moves to the next door (F9) and does the regular routine, followed by opening it.


  4. The door in F9 leads back to the "dust" room. I have been keeping the Map Explored to Date. This may help as a reference.

  5. That overall helps a lot. Is it a lot of bother to keep it up to date and offer it as a download with the zoomed in map each turn? Up until now I hadn't realize how tight of a turn we had made backl to our origin.

    How about we peek at the door on the south side of k14 befor we grapple with whatever the hell is going to happen in the main chamber?


    1. I pretty much update it with each newly discovered/explored area. I am not sure if I can provide the zoomed in map in the file but the last two turn maps are always displayed on the blog (current on top, previous at the bottom).

  6. Per Brad's comment, K14 is from the Map Explored to Date file. It is the same as G9 on the current combat map.

  7. So basically we need to go to the Door what is about A3 on the West side. Using the Map above.

    Or on the other map we have Doors.

    E8, E10, E12, E14 to explore yet.