Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 78

With a prolonged cracking and a sinister series of clicks, the monstrous bone statue atop the altar suddenly rises, standing on played legs. Mandibles formed of huge fangs click together as the horror lurches to life.
Accompanied by a terrible scuttling, shiny black spider that have fiery eyes begin to pour from between seams in the bone spider’s construction. They arrange themselves into a mass of legs and fangs, and they churn toward you.

Roll initiative. Begin combat round 1. Starting positions for Turn 78 are displayed on the Combat Map.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.



Banjo – Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Dargoth – Resist Energy: Fire (30 minutes)
Kirlic - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Kirlic – Resist Energy: Acid (25 minutes)
Mr. Wolfe - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Thurstan - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)


Party Health:

Thurstan 72/72, Mr. Wolfe 43/43, Banjo 60/60, Clint 66/66, Dargoth 80/84,
Kirlic 81/81


Map Key:

Gray is the floor.
Light gray are web covered and count as hindering terrain. (2 movement squares, no charge)
White rectangles are doors.
Vertical lines are gradual stairs.
Light gray rectangle is the altar/base of the spider statue.
Dark gray ring is pedestal/well/font.
Orange border is flaming web.


  1. Character Name – Banjo the Banterer
    Player Action Response - POWERUPS!
    GM Turn Post #78

    Move 1 – NA unless I am in swarm. Then GTFO of swarm.
    Attack –NA
    Move 2 –
    Cast a Spell – Haste
    Use Ability/Item/Skill –
    Search –
    Talk to X – "The Attack of Lolth's Licky Parts. We didn't see THAT coming."

    Initiative Roll –18

    Attack Roll (s) –
    Confirm Potential Crit –

    Damage Roll(s) –
    Crit Damage –
    Special Damage –

    Rolls for Saving Throws/Skill checks –
    8, 7, 14, 4, 5

  2. Can a brotha get some Knowledge rolls to see what these are? Dungeoneering? Planes? Nature? Arcana? Specially since 2 of us have Detect Magic up...

    KS Arcana: 20
    KS Planes: 18

    1. Detect magic does not offer any help. Neither the statue (before or after it started moving) nor the spider swarm radiate a magic aura.

      Banjo's Knowledge: Arcana roll helps him determine that the spider is a golem but not much more.

      Banjo's Knowledge: Planes roll helps him determine that the swarm is fiendish in nature.

      A Knowledge: Nature roll would be required to learn more about the swarm.

  3. Knowledge Nature: [19]! +7 = 26


    1. Based upon Banjo's previous Planes roll and Kirlic's Nature roll, you recall the following information:

      The fiendish spiders are actually diminutive magical beasts. The swarm attacks with many bites which deal physical damage as well as strength damaging poison. Besides normal swarm and vermin properties, these spiders also have minor spell resistance and fire resistance.

    2. Brad,

      Do you have an initiative and an action to post for Kirlic?

  4. ------------responce to GM turn post-----------#78
    Thurstan Howl ~ Initiative (+1) 2+1=3
    Move ~ out of swarm if i'm in it
    Action ~ chuck burning oil at swarm
    Att w/burning oil(+5) ~ 13+5=18
    dam w/burning oil (d6) ~ 3=3
    T.H.Wolfe ~ Initiative (+2) 9+2=11
    Move ~ to safety in hall
    Action ~
    Attack roll(+3) ~ x+3=
    Damage (d6+1) ~ x+1=
    Special,trip(+7) ~ x+7=
    d20 rolls ~ 19 3 10 12 1
    d6 rolls ~ 2 1 2 3

    1. Bruce,

      Based upon the knowlege listed above, you can change your action if you like.

  5. would blatting to hurt do anything to the swarms?

    1. As they are not undead, no, channeling positive energy will not hurt the swarm.

  6. Does E6 provide cover to the Big spider?

    1. One More question. Fiendish = vulnerable to Holy Water? If so, I have a refreshing treat for them.

    2. As evil outsiders, holy water will affect the swarm but only as a splash. i.e. 1 damage per flask.

    3. Hard cover, no. Cover vs. ranged attacks, yes, as long as you stand between it and the spider.

  7. Kirlic
    This room is a little too crowded for bowmanship.
    GM Turn Post #78

    Move 1 – Depending on what is open engage closest target, preferring a no move attack or a position that sets me up for AoO on enemy. Switching to Elven Curve Blade.
    Attack – Construct, or swarm if they are on me.
    Move 2 – none

    Initiative Roll – [1] +6 = 7 :(

    Attack Roll (s) – [8] +10 = 18, (if no move, second attack) [19] +5 =24
    Confirm Potential Crit – [19]
    (if the second attack doesn't happen, use these 19's for saves instead if needed. :)

    Damage Roll(s) – [4] +4 = 8, [3] +4 = 7
    Crit Damage – [10] +4 =7

    Rolls for Saving Throws/Skill checks –

  8. Dargoth,

    Initiative: 17 + 8 = 25

    I have 5 Acid flasks. I am thinking they might help.

    Thinking of tossing it in the center of the swarm

    Any thoughts?


  9. Go for it. I got nothing to do but hope their resistance to fire doesnt exceed 5

  10. Looking for posts from Matt H and Matt F and a possible updated post from Bruce.

  11. Throw Acid Flask at H6. Use numbers from above.

  12. OK Cool, Clint thought dying today was a great idea too. He glares angrily and swings at anything that gets too close.

    Init: 13 +5 = 18

    Rolls for whatever: 9,16,19,2,15,1,1,3,10,15

  13. OK. GM misinformation...

    I stand corrected about splash damage weapons and swarms. Instead of 1 point of splash damage, they will take 1.5 x the damage rolled (minus any resistance as appropriate). So if the swarm has a Resistance 5 vs. an energy type and the attack is an area of effect, it would take a die roll of 4 or greater to do any damage.

    "A swarm takes half again as much damage (+50%) from spells or effects that affect an area, such as splash weapons and many evocation spells."

    As this swarm is made up of evil outsiders, holy water would also do the 1.5 x damage rather than the 1 point I stated earier.

    Based upon what you know, acid flasks and Holy water should be effective. Alcemist Fire will require a damage roll of 4+ to deal damage. Normal burning oil sounds like it works like alchemist fire except it takes a full round to prepare and only has a 50% chance of igniting. Pouring and lighting will not achieve enough damage to bypass the resistance.

    So last call for any changed in actions.

  14. OK can I re-submit for consideration, "Get the fuck out of here" ?

    Do we have a plan for dealing with these things that does NOT involve being steadily bit/poisoned/drained to death while burning them out 3-5pts of damage at a time? If we do, thats cool, I just want in on it. :D


    1. The run away plan might work... it just depends on how it is implemented. :)

  15. thurstan and his wolfe flee the room

  16. Clint will 5ft step to C3 and slam the door once his friends are out. If that means waiting to act until they get past him, so be it.

  17. The golem is large, correct? Can we lead the swarm away to be dealt with by itself, and come back for the golem later?

    1. The golem is large. It may be possible to lure the swarm away from it.

  18. I'm OK with GTFO. It looks like it may make sense to try and make it to the northern room where we fought the ash sprite things. Maybe hold the line at that opening at M/N 6.

    Now, Kirlic got a terrible initiative so he's gonna get eaten a little bit, maybe trapped depending on how initiative shakes out. he does have a reasonable Acrobatics though so unless he gets paralyzed (what are the chances a spider could do THAT?) he should be OK.

    Keith, any chance we could get an initiative chart so we can see what order movement is going to happen and plan accordingly?