Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 86

The smoke monster and the metal monster moved to attack Clint. The constructs worked in concert to gain flanking on the rogue. The metal assaulter scored a hit with its bite for 10 damage. Clint drew his longsword and tried to return the favor but the elf missed his target. Not liking the way the situation was stacking up Clint took a step backward to move out of the flanked position.

Dargoth stood ready to meet an enemy while Thurstan tied Leera to his back and started to climb out of the 30 foot deep pit. Thurstan’s wolf also stood guard at the rim of the pit.

The other smoke monster tried to sneak past Clint. The rogue swung his sword but missed his target. The attack of opportunity did stop the distracter from getting around behind him. The tiny smoke cloud attempted to bite the elf but missed. The stone monster advanced on the rogue as well. It succeeded in getting past Clint’s guard and around to his side but it missed the rogue with its spiked appendage.

Banjo advanced and let a Scorching Ray spell loose on the stone monster. The small construct took 17 damage from the fire bolt.

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