Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Posts are due tonight

Turn posts are due tonight. Bruce and Dave have already posted and I have given some feedback. Please try to get them in by 10:00.

I also need to know what the party plans are. I believe that there are currently 4 players and 4 characters.

I expect that Render and Simone will leave and head back to the safety of the surface world.

Torvald is a question. If Daren wants to play still he can but I need him to post. If not, someone else can play Torvald or he can leave with Render.

If folks are interested in playing more than one character, I will entertain the idea. I would like to keep the number of PCs down to 6.

That said, I am ok with just 4 PCs. You currently have a fighter, a rogue, a cleric and a sorcerer. That covers the food groups. Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you decide.


  1. I actually just posted mine. I am cool with doing just the four (4) characters. If we want / need to add a fifth (5) or more. I Am not opposed to adding a Ranger. With visions of becoming an Arcane Archer. But I am cool with just playing a strait laced warrior.

  2. i would ask those leaving the group to give back party loot that they were carring for...

  3. I see that as a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
    and a Potion of Cure Light Wounds.

    Torvald would keep his masterwork full plate and his +1 Cloak of Resistance.

  4. ..thats as may be, but i meant 'forging', as in steeling ourselves, showing our iron, and hammering through this melting pot of hardened monsters...

  5. I have my four player posts. I will post a new turn tonight.

    I am going to assume the following:

    - Torvald, Render and Simone are leaving the crypt and heading back to town.
    - The party plans to move on without resting.
    - The party will go the only way available which is down the rope ladder.