Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 64

Render moved forward to attack the minotaur skeleton. Before he could close to melee, the monster struck the dwarf with a claw. The attack inflicted 8 damage. Once inside its reach he struck with his warhammer dealing 12 damage. The monster attacked with both claws. Both hit the dwarf dealing an additional 19 damage. To make matters worse, another skeleton moved forward and attacked Render. It too slashed with a claw. The monster scored a critical hit, inflicting another 10 damage.

Clint moved to the corner and let fly and arrow at the hobgoblin. The arrow hit for 7 damage. The rogue was too far away to strike a vital location easily. Henpeck stepped forward and slashed the skeleton that had advanced. The fighter’s bastard sword crushed the monster with a mighty blow that dealt 10 damage and killed it. Another skeleton moved forward to take the fallen’s place. It slashed at Henpeck but missed the fighter with its claw. Another skeleton moved forward but had nowhere to move that would allow it to engage an enemy.

Thurstan’s wolf moved forward and attacked the new skeleton. The jaws of the wolf clamped down for 2 damage and pulled the monster to the ground. Thurstan moved forward and cast a Bless spell. Simone moved closer to the fight but could not get close enough to help her master, Render. The last skeleton moved forward but it too could not engage the enemy.

Banjo moved as close to the fight as he could. Not able to see an enemy other than the minotaur skeleton or the tripped skeleton, the sorcerer targeted the Minotaur skeleton with a Magic Missile spell. The missiles dealt 8 damage to the monster.

The hobgoblin moved closer to the pool and the dragon statue. It cast a spell, Spiritual Weapon, which targeted Banjo. The magical weapon struck the sorcerer for 7 damage. Torvald moved to Banjo’s aid and lay on hands for 3 healing.

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  1. Attack creature right in front of me.

    If creature dead 5 foot step and attack next closest target.

    Attack - Roll(1d20)+8: 7,+8 Total:15
    Damage - Roll(1d10)+5: 9,+5 Total:14