Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Barrow of the Forgotten King - GM Turn Post 62

The group decided to rest in the southern crypt to recover and replenish. Jean and Blunderbuss decided to head back to town and seek adventure elsewhere. The barbarian had a premonition of something bad about to happen and the ranger deemed it wise to trust intuition. They bid farewell to the rest of the party and offered promises to send reinforcements once they returned to Kingsholm.

The group spent the night and recovered spells and hit points. Shortly before breaking camp, strangers arrived. They are encountered in the main hall. One was a male human fighter wearing banded mail and wielding a bastard sword. The other was a male dwarf accompanied by a female lion.

What do you do next?

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template


Map Key:

Gray is the floor.
Blue stars are statues.
Small white rectangles (or close approximations) are doors.


  1. thurstan would calls dibs on the iPod, er ePod, er ephod of athority.

    then after introdutions,

    (hello there, I'm Thurstan Howl, cleric of Gozrah, I'll be your healer tonight)

    i suggest we return to the doors we haven't opened, near D9, or D2, or G6 ..

  2. Render, the new Dwarf arrival, upon hearing how the last barbarian left because he had a premonition something bad was about to happen says: "Figures. That something bad? That was us. Me and Simone (the lioness) get a lot of that."

    But he's happy to get into any trouble the PCs have already found. He figures it's coming his way anyway. Might as well find him coming.

  3. BANJO says

    "Well if yer so bad, you wanna open doors?"

    We go back to the sarcophagus room and let Clint check the unopened door for traps.

  4. The diagonal hall with the statues has five doors. Four (the ones behind the statues) appear to be tombs. These are sealed. The one to the north is locked.

  5. head to the north door and ask the roguish clint to work his magic on the door.

  6. responce to GM turn post #62

    Thurstan - Initiative(+1) =
    move/action - wait & watch
    Attack roll (+6) -
    Damage roll (d8+5) -
    Extra d20 rolls for Thurstan & wolf -
    [15] [14] [9] [17] [13] [10] [15] [19] [12] [12]
    T.H.Wolf - Initiative(+2) =
    move/action - observe & protect

  7. Character Name – Banjo
    Player Action Response - Standing in as the only arcane spellcaster
    GM Turn Post #62

    Move 1 – Move to middle/rear of group and look about. Cast Mage Armor before we enter the room.
    Attack –
    Move 2 –
    Cast a Spell – Detect Magic
    Use Ability/Item/Skill –
    Search –
    Talk to X –

    Initiative Roll –

    Attack Roll (s) –
    Confirm Potential Crit –

    Damage Roll(s) –
    Crit Damage –
    Special Damage –

    Rolls for Saving Throws/Skill checks –

    18, 14, 11, 12, 14, 8, 20

  8. Clint saunters over towards the northern door indicated by the excitable Mr. Howell and 'does his magic' in his customary brooding silence.

    Rolls for 'Magic'....

    [17] [9] [15] [11] [3]