Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 61

The scroll reads “We who rest still long to serve. If you seek the same, take our goods and be blessed. If greed moved this stone and not a true heart, may our curse find you ere we awake.”

Thurstan and Banjo examine the magical treasure and believe it to be the following:

Cloak of Resistance +1
Elixir of Vision (+10 perception checks for 1 hour)
Ephod of Authority (Effective cleric level is treated as one level higher when channeling positive energy. Part of a set of items called the Vestments of Divinity)
Bracers of Armor +1
Efficient Quiver
+1 Rapier

Please advise how you divide the treasure.


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  2. i suggest we sell:

    4 medium masterwork studded leather armor
    5 masterwork scimitars
    masterwork shortsword
    masterwork composite shortbow (+4 STR bonus)
    3 shortbows
    Masterwork studded leather
    Masterwork rapier
    Masterwork light crossbow
    Masterwork thieves’ tools
    Efficient Quiver
    +1 Rapier

    IF WE DO and divide by 6, we'll each get 776.17 gold

    i should take the ephod.

    we should roll on the braciers, potion, and cloak

  3. Doesnt Elf-er... CLINT want the Quiver?

    Banjo is after the bracers. Rolls 8

    Will take the cloak of nobody else posts. Rolls 20. (pfft, figures)

  4. he has a quiver, does he need a special one?
    (i assume he gets all the arrows too)

    thurstan rolls for braciers and gets


    i can see this not working well...

    roll for cloak..


    roll for potion


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  6. should we roll for our traditional "pick list" or just roll with it?

  7. Roll for the pick list and establish the order. Since SOMEONE cant be bothered to post we can stuff him at the bottom with the newbies.

  8. I want to pick! I want to pick!

    What does that Quiver *do* anyways? It sounds neat...

    If a roll is needed, I got: [12] [4] [19]