Friday, October 21, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 46

Kirlic attacked Elessarwa with his longbow. The arrow found its mark, hitting the drow for 11 damage. Dargoth Power Attacked the prone Muvaysil with his bastard sword dealing 11 damage to the wizard and killed him. N’Kima assaulted Elessarwa with his bite and both fists. The bite and one fist landed dealing 13 and 9 damage respectively. The ape’s attacks killed the drow.
The Fiendish Spider attacked Dargoth but could not penetrate the fighter’s armor with its bite. After the attack, the summoned monster returned to whence it came.
Thurstan Channeled Positive Energy healing Dargoth for 13 and the rest of the party to full.
A search of the room reveals an additional secret door in the wall behind the altar. A search of the bodies reveals:
Wand of Magic Missiles (CL3, 11 charges)
MW dagger
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
+1 mithral chain shirt
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 dagger that deals an extra 1d6 to helpless creatures and creatures denied their Dex bonus to AC or when wielder flanks. “Organripper” is inscribed in undercommon on the blade.
MW light steel shield
A set of keys which open the manacles, the cage and both secret doors.


  1. the next main magic pick is Dave..

    the next potion(small magic) pick is me, i choose the potion of CMW.

    the next pick for potion(or lite magic) is Matt F...

  2. OH! and, uh, free those prisoners. Yeah, we totally do that before identifying magic items. Yeah.

  3. the next magic pick is me, i choose the jasper spider figurine.

    it is now Matt Hampton's turn to pick a magic item...

  4. I would like to take the +1 Dagger of Organ Ripping, please... extra damage on flanking FTW!

  5. Keith, do you know how to properly render those special attributes in Hero Labs?

  6. I think the only thing on the list I might want is: Pearl of Undercommon

    I don't think anyone has claimed the pearl.

    Other than that pass.

  7. dave is the next pick...
    then me...(i'll pick the mitheral chain shirt+1)
    then matt falk, who i assume will pick the pearl..
    then brad..

  8. then there is the little magic item list we have to divvy.
    if you want i'll divvy it out or we can pick..
    on the list is:
    potion CMW
    Dust of Dryness
    Scroll of Protection from Energy
    Potion of Cat's Grace
    Wand of Detect Magic (38)
    wand mm cl3 11-

    the order is :
    matt f
    matt h