Friday, October 21, 2011


I have added the treasure to the Character Summary. Please divide it between the party. You may sell anything that you do not want to keep in Pedestal.

It is also time to level up to 6th. Please send me you updated Hero Lab .por and .pdf files once you have leveled up. We can continue playing for a few turns while you level your guys but I will need them before the next combat starts.

This is also the likely place where Turok and N'Kima part ways with the party.


  1. I need to get leveled characters. I will update the Character Summary once I have them.

    Please finish dividing treasure. I need that for the summary as well.

    With Turok and N'Kima leaving, I beed an updated marching order.

    I will update the blog site and web site once I have your stuff.

  2. I have copies of Clint, Kirlic and Thurstan. Still looking for Banjo and Dargoth.

    Still need a marching order.

    Need the final distribution of treasure.