Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 99

Thurstan stepped into the room and cast Detect Magic. Each of the mirrors registered a moderate aura of divination magic. Clint entered the room and checked for traps along the perimeter of the room. The elf did not find anything along his path so far. Kirlic entered and stood by the stairs while the rogue did his work. All averted their eyes from looking directly at the mirrors.

Dargoth prepared a blind using his cloak and shield to stop him from looking at the mirrors but waited just out of the room. Mr. Wolfe and Banjo waited patiently for the all clear to be given.

After a minute of investigation, something happens.

The northern mirror in the westernmost alcove grinds as glass extrudes from it. Two mirrors flanking that recess make similar but quieter noises. A hulking figure formed of glass emerges quickly into the western alcove. Glass spiders boil forth from the flanking mirrors. As they rise, their translucent interiors glow with a faint blue luminescence.

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