Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 42

Kirlic, Dargoth and N’Kima all moved swiftly into the room but none were able to engage the drow.

Muvaysil, the drow wizard, cast a Web spell catching Dargoth, N’Kima, Clint and Thurstan in the area. Only Thurstan failed his save and was grappled by the sticky strands. Clint attempted to push further into the room but was not able to negotiate the web’s sticky strands without getting stuck. The rouge too became grappled. Elessarwa, the drow matron, cast a Silence spell targeting the passage and the lower portion of the torture chamber.

Turok and Mr. Wolfe both attempted to navigate the webs and both were successful. Thurstan broke free of the web and moved deeper into the room trying to exit the web and the silence field. The cleric was not quite able to reach his goal. Banjo, frustrated and raging silently, unable to see his targets or cast spells because of the silence attempted to navigate the web. The sorcerer failed and became grappled by the sticky strands.

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