Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 31

Mr. Wolfe sniffed around for the enemy and moved into the clearing. He found a target but not before the unseen monster took a bite out of the wolf dealing 10 damage. The wolf coughed on the spore in the clearing, successfully making its Fort Save, taking an additional point of damage before snapping at the monster. The wolf’s bite sunk into a flesh-like substance dealing 3 damage to the monster.

Clint attacked the monster with Merthύvial and his short sword. The magic blade scored a powerful blow dealing 10 damage but the short sword failed to find its mark. The rogue tumbled back to open a space for Dargoth. The fighter stepped forward and attacked the unseen foe with his bastard sword. The effort was wasted as the blow failed to land. Thustan brandished is rapier in the spot where he believed the foe to be. The magic blade struck true dealing 11 damage. Based upon the lack of blood and the feel of the strike the cleric shouted, “I believe that this creature is a Phantom Fungus. It is not much more than a carvinerous walking plant that also happens to be constantly invisible until killed.”

Turkok, in bear form, sniffed around and moved forward to find the enemy. The druid agreed with the assessment of the cleric but could not vocalize it in a form other than a growl. Upon entering the clearing, the druid started choking on the higher concentration of spores. He successfully made his Fort Save but still took a point of damage. Finding his target, the druid attempted to take a bite of the fungus but missed the target. Kirlic moved forward thought the over-grown terrain to make it to the start of the clearing. The elf too noticed the higher spore levels. He too successfully made his Fort Save and took a point of damage.

N’Kima squeezed through the forest of mushrooms to reach the clearing. The ape sniffed for its foe and discovered that there were more than one. The ape detected a fungus monster to it left and its right. The new monster took a bite out of the druid’s companion dealing 13 damage. The spores also partially affected the ape as he made his Fort Save and took an additional point of damage. Banjo moved closer and cast a Detect Magic spell. The spell did not reveal any additional sources of magic.

The newly discovered fungus attacked N’Kima again biting the ape for 17 additional damage. The original fungus turned its attention to Thurstan but missed the cleric with its snapping bite.

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