Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 30

As you approach the island in your boat, details of your destination come into focus.

Sprouting up through a layer of turgid black ooze near the beach are small, yellow protrusions as wide and thick as human fingers. Luminescent green mushrooms with blue caps crowd the island, probably knee-high to a human near the water’s edge but slowly increasing in stature inland. They reach heights of 40 feet or more at the isle’s crowded center. A blue haze lights the air around them.

Making landfall, more details become apparent.

The isle’s narrow beach is composed of a finely intertwined mesh of fibers from which the fingerlike protrusions grow. The ground is spongy but firm. A smell like yeast and citrus commingled, bracing in intensity, issues from the ground. Thin at the island’s boundary but thicker beneath the luminescent mushrooms, a blue glow suffuses the air and stings the throat.

Heeding the words of Es Sarch, you press forward toward the island’s center in search of the black mushrooms with tiny red spots shaped like hands.

The trunks of the green mushrooms grow in thick clumps, but the spaces between clumps are wide enough to squeeze through. After a few minutes, the island’s mushroom trees give way to a wide space that is roughly circular. Within the clearing, the blue haze hangs particularly thickly. Broad, tall stems covered with short, still bristles share the center of the clearing with tiny black mushrooms that sport spots in the shape of little hands. The undergrowth rustles in some unfelt wind.

What do you do?

Starting positions for Turn 30 are displayed on the Combat Map.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.



Dargoth - Dominated - Obey the Aboleth
Thurstan - Dominated - Obey the Aboleth
Turok – Bear Form – Med-size, +2 STR, +2 natural armor, low-light vision, scent


Party Health:

Thurstan 62/62, Mr. Wolfe 43/43, Banjo 52/52, Clint 57/57, Dargoth 72/72,
Kirlic 69/69, Turok 67/67, N'Kima 63/63


Map Key:

Light Green squares are light undergrowth – hindering terrain (squares cost two movement)
Tan squares are treelike growth – hindering terrain and provides partial cover (+2 AC, +1 Reflex saves)
Black and red check squares – area filled with quest mushrooms and counts as treelike growth
Blue circles are large, tree like mushrooms – These fill the square (cannot enter) and provides cover (+4AC, +2 Reflex saves)


  1. "Why, this is a fine time for Protection From Evil. Hold still, Thurstan and Dargoth."

    Banjo will attempt to Protect them from evil using the scrolls he bought. Do you still need a combat-format post?

  2. I will at the very least need a set of d20 rolls for skill checks, saves, etc..

  3. On behalf of Bruce:

    Bruceifer said...
    thurstan will wear a bandana over mouth/nose while on the island. he would like to take the same precaution with mr Wolfe but thinks it would interfere with his bite attack, unless he can do something that mr Wolfe can spend a move action removing from himself.

    July 8, 2011 3:18 PM

    Bruceifer said...
    do I spot any creatures? or does mr Wolfe scent anything?

  4. Mr. Wolfe does not detect anything at this time. (Neither do Turok nor does N'Kima.)

  5. Rolls for Banjo:
    8, 4, 4, 19, 16

    Rolls for Turok:
    17, 10, 4, 14, 18

    Rolls for N'Kima:
    19, 19, 14, 1, 18

  6. Clint is scanning for traps of an organic/biological nature as he begins to approach the target.... Searches and moves through L4 -> K5 -> J6

    [15] [14] [19] [7] [3] [20] [5] [9] [2] [2]

  7. (Sorry for the delay) I don't recall if I said that Kirlic dosed himself with the vaccine he bought in town. He chugs it down now if he hasn't already. Switching to the +1 flail because things are looking awful cramped in here.

    Kirlic follows the rogue, peering into the center of the clearing and watching for suspicious movement.

    [14] [12] [8] [15] [12] [8] [14] [18] [11] [11]

  8. thurstan & mr Wolfe will advance with the rest of the group keeping an eye out. thurstan will detect magic and then detect poison.


  9. ...waiting for Thurstan and Dargoth to have a WTF? moment when Banjo suppresses teh mind control...

  10. Some information from previous discussions. I am not sure that everyone received:

    As far as removing the mind control - no one of a high enough level for a Dispel Magic. Protection from Evil prompts a new save. That will only be temporary. The best bet is to keep an eye on them and hope that the Aboleth loses interest and stops trying to renew the control.

    From Dominate Person - Protection from evil or a similar spell can prevent you from exercising control or using the telepathic link while the subject is so warded, but such an effect does not automatically dispel it.

    An effect that causes the subject to be on another plane would also break the effect. A spell like Rope Trick would work. That is a 2nd level spell.

    The Ash Doom antidote does not work against these spores. An antitoxin will grant a bonus to any saves.

  11. On behalf of Matt F:

    I have Knowledge Dungeoneer: +9 at Rank (4).

    I want to look before I leap. Very cautiously to move here. Waiting till every decides to move then move.

    [13] [11] [7] [15] [11] [7] [13] [17] [10] [10]

  12. "The Ash Doom antidote does not work against these spores. An antitoxin will grant a bonus to any saves."

    Understood. I was under the impression that it worked against *something* out here, and it only worked well if you took it before you got sick. So, I'm just taking it now while it's on my mind.