Monday, August 23, 2010

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 95

Magruug moved across the room toward the waterfall and let loose with an arrow from his composite shortbow. The arrow found its mark dealing 15 damage to Clint.

Dargoth moved past the statue and Thurstan’s wolf to attack the prone Varag 1 with his bastard sword. The blow landed dealing 11 damage to the monster. Banjo cast a sleep spell on Varag 2 putting the monster back to sleep before it could rise from its bedroll. Leera continued her bard song and moved into the room to stand by Banjo.

Thurstan’s wolf bit Varag 1 for 6 damage. Thurstan moved closer to the fight my carefully scanning the straw for hidden dangers and navigating through difficult terrain.

The prone Varag 1 lashed out at Clint from the ground with his scimitar. The strike landed for 4 damage, narrowly missing a vital area on the elf’s leg. Clink swung back in surprise but the rogue missed his mark.

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