Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 92

Dargoth and Thurstan quietly moved stacked blocks of stone from the doorway. The fighter and cleric have managed to clear about half of the rubble so far.

Banjo cast a Detect Magic spell but found nothing new. He asked Leera, “This looks like some sort of animal pen. Any idea what the pet was?”

The half-elf answered, “I am not sure. Xeron keeps a choker as a pet, and he also kept a tattooed horror that’s something like a hound. Both of these were left to guard the way we came in. The runehound, as Xeron called it, is on the surface.”

Clint quietly moved forward to examine the fissure and to look further into the western section of the room. The fissure is wide and long but not very deep. To the west the rogue saw a rushing waterfall and …

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  1. "A choker and a runehound, eh? We've already met them. They died o' course."