Monday, November 10, 2014

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti - Turn Results 3

At the signs of pending combat, Natalya began to dance, magically inspiring courage (and possibly other things) amongst the party. Dargoth moved forward to attack the enormous snake. The creature struck at the fighter as he closed but it missed the mark. Dargoth swung his bastard sword but missed the monster. Inspired by both Natalya’s dance and Dargoth’s bravery, Blart moved forward to attack the snake. Again the monster struck at the approaching hero. This time the snake stuck true and dealt 23 damage to the half-orc and pulled him into a death grip. In the grasp of the snake, Blart abandoned his two-handed earth breaker and attacked the beast with his cestus. The resulting attack dealt 14 damage. The snake squeezed the half-orc for an additional 25 damage.

Clint surveyed the scene, looking for his best tactical position. While the rogue was appraising, Banjo decided to stay put and cast a Haste spell targeting himself, Natalya, Thurstan, Mr. Wolfe and Clint. Seeing that the creature was currently occupied with Blart, the elf moved with a burst of speed to get to the other side of the creature and attacked. The rogue struck a blow with Merthύvial, dealing 26 damage. Clint’s new positioned himself by the well hoping the set up a flank with Dargoth in the future.

The naga cast a spell upon herself and shouted at the villagers to get out of her way. They complied, splitting to either side of the snake woman.

Bestride his mount, Thurstan cast Bull’s Strength on Mr. Wolfe and spurred the companion forward into battle. The wolf closed with the snake and snapped with his mighty jaws. The bite hit and dealt 16 damage.

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