Monday, November 3, 2014

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti - Turn Results 2

The party crossed the river and made their way into the settlement. Their travel took them between the barns and the unidentified building.

What appeared at first to be a building is little more than a rusty iron crate about six feet to a side. A sliding door on the eastern side is sealed by an equally rusted padlock.

Before the party could investigate this crate, a commotion nearby, between the well and the pavilion, caught their attention.

Near the canvas pavilion, movement catches your eye. A human-headed serpent coils there, screaming angrily at a group of cowering humans.

At the same time, what you had originally taken to be a step at the base of the well begins to move. An impossibly huge serpent uncoils from around the stone structure, heading your way.

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