Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 133

Banjo caught a glimpse of Fadheela as he targeted her with a scorching ray spell. The smoked goggles protected the sorcerer from the villain’s gaze. The spell struck the target dealing 18 damage.

Fadheela targeted Thurstan and Kirlic with an arrow each but both shots went wide. Clint caught a glimpse of Fadheelathrough his goggles but managed to resist the magic of her gaze. The rogue moved next to Fadheela and attacked with Merthύvial but missed with the magic longsword. Kirlic was protected by his goggles and fired a full complement of arrows at the medusa. Three of the four arrows missed with the last hitting the mark and dealing 10 damage. More importantly, she was not able to overcome the effects of the poison and slumped into unconsciousness.

Dargoth moved to flank the fallen foe and readied his bastard sword to attack. Thurstan donned his goggles and stepped forward to threaten the villain with his rapier.

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