Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 88

Dargoth moved forward and engaged the Ghoul Ooze. He power attacked with his bastard sword. The blow landed dealing 22 damage. Clint held his ground waiting to see what the creatures would do.

Banjo climbed the stairs and entered the room. The sorcerer cast Magic Missile at the Ghoul Ooze. The spell succeeded past the monster’s spell resistance dealing 9 damage. Kirlic also finished climbing into the room. The ranger notched a silver arrow and let fly at the Blinding Blot. The arrow struck home dealing 7 damage.

Thurstan stepped forward and cast Dispel Magic upon the Wearying Worm. The living spell did not disappear but Thurstan’s spell seemed to affect the monster in some way.

The Blinding Blot moved toward Clint and attempted to engulf the rogue. The elf was nimble jumped backward. The rogue then attacked the creature with Merthύvial and Organripper. The king’s sword missed but the smaller blade struck true dealing 6 damage. Mr. Wolfe entered the room and maneuvered to the left to stand by Thurstan. The animal did not seem eager to engage any of the strange monsters.

An insubstantial, humanoid-shaped shadow emerged from the dais a started to flit toward the battle. The Wearying Worm moved forward over the pews and attacked Thurstan. The creature lashed out with its head but missed the cleric with its slam attack. The Ghoul Ooze attempted to engulf Dargoth but the fighter managed to land another blow with his bastard sword dealing 21 damage. This destroyed the monster.

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