Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sinister Spire - GM Turn Post 58

What do you do now?

Starting positions for Turn 58 are displayed on the Combat Map.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.



Banjo - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Kirlic - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Mr. Wolfe - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)
Thurstan - Ash Doom Antidote (1 week)


Party Health:

Thurstan 62/72, Mr. Wolfe 43/43, Banjo 60/60, Clint 59/66, Dargoth 84/84,
Kirlic 81/81


Map Key:

Gray is the floor.
White rectangles are doors.
White rectangles with dotted lines are secret doors.
Charcoal pie shape is iron spiral stairs.


  1. Clint tries to get an idea of how far up those stairs go... "You fellas wait here, I am going to sneak up those stairs just a little, and see what I can make out..." Proceed to stairs, and stealth up until I can ascertain how high until the next floor/door/landing... checking for traps along the way, and listening up ahead. Return to the party and report what I hear. Check new secret door for traps/locks/listen.

    [17] [5] [1] [18] [5] [1] [6] [10] [4] [4]

  2. Clint tells the party he will be right back...

    Once the rogue sets foot upon the stairs he sets off a magical trap. He made his reflex save and managed to to avoid the sonic damage.

    The stair appears to ascend 30 feet.

    The new secret door is not trapped but is locked. Clint can unlock it if he wishes. Clint hears nothing on the other side of the secret door.

  3. Follow meatshields and maintain detect

    7, 6, 13, 4, 8

  4. did the magical trap not show up on detect magic? or were we out of view/range? just asking..

    thurstan maintains d.m. and follows dargoth.

  5. I assumed that Clint scouted ahead on his own and thus no Detect Magic warnings.

  6. Bump. Clint has scouted and has found what he can without opening another door or climbing the steps to the top.

    Looking for direction of where the party is going next.

    Need input from Matt F and Brad. Ideally everyone will chime in so that we can proceed.

  7. While Kirlic is curious about what is on the other side of the second secret door, I'm more curious about what is up the stairs. Either way, Kirlic would like to not be in a hallways ambush sandwich.

    [1] [20] [15] [3] [20] [16] [1] [5] [19] [19] [14]

  8. The party currently has 7 choices (assuming that you do not venture back to the dust room). There are 5 doors in the hallway, stairs going up and the new secret door.

    I need you to choose a plan of action and I can post results and the next turn based upon the plan. The plan can be as simple as "we open the secret door" or more complex like "we investigate the doors in the hallway starting with the one on the lower left side and proceed in order to the one on the right side".

  9. I suggest we go one way then we can always go back. I think the secret door would be the less traveled path and we should head there in my opinion.

    So I guess the secret one.

  10. Clint opts to open the secret door, first waving the party back at least 10ft in case there is another surprise waiting...