Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Sinister Spire - Turn Results 130

Upon hearing the sounds of combat starting, Banjo cast a haste spell which targeted all of the party except for Clint. At Thurstan’s command, Mr. Wolfe surged into the room to assist Clint. The wolf raced around the statues and attacked the undead monster. The bite hit dealing 7 damage and splashing the wolf with a gout of foul blood. The undead was stable on its feet and retained its footing even with the wolf tugging at its leg.

Mr. Wolfe growled a warning which got Clint’s attention. The rogue noticed movement in the nearby curtains and averted his eyes as something looked out at the rogue in a menacing fashion. The elf did not get a good look but sensed something feminine about the features he did see. Clint stabbed at the undead in front of him scoring a critical hit and dealing 31 damage. The rogue was also showered in foul blood as he stepped around the nearby statue.

Kirlic waited for a target to present itself. The elf had only a moment to wait before a grimlock stopped within view. The ranger fired true hitting the monster for 10 damage. The two of the monsters attacked Clint but only one scored a hit with its greataxe. The attack dealt 12 damage to the rogue. The other grimlock attacked Mr. Wolfe but missed.

Dargoth moved forward and attacked the grimlock blocking the passageway. The fighter hit home with a power attacking stroke from his bastard sword which dealt 19 damage. The monster howled in pain but remained standing. The bloodhulk stepped away from the wolf and attacked Clint with its slam attack which missed wide.

Thurstan, unable to enter the room, attacked the grimlock with his lightning arc. The spell-like ability struck the creature for 7 damage which killed it. The cleric drew his weapon and moved in front of Dargoth.

The remaining grimlock moved forward and attacked Thurstan with it greataxe but it missed the cleric badly.

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