Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Sinister Spire – Turn Results 111

An amorphous cloud of darkness broken only by two points of blazing violet rose from the bloody altar. A breeze moves toward it as if it is drawing in air. It hissed and flew to attack Dargoth. The air around the creature was sucked away forcing the fighter to hold his breath. The wraith touched Dargoth and drained 4 CON. The fighter lost his breath and was drained another point of CON.

The fiery monster to the left of Clint attacked the rogue with its flaming fist. The blow landed dealing 5 physical damage, 6 fire damage and drained the elf’s life force bestowing a negative level.
Clint jumped back in horror to a flanking position with Dargoth. The rogue attacked the other monster but missed with both of his weapons due to the effects of the negative level and the inability to achieve any discernible advantage from flanking.  Kirlic stepped to the side and let fly two arrors at the first monster. The first arrow found its mark dealing 6 damage while the second flew wide.

Dargoth attacked with two power attacks from his bastard sword. Both blows landed dealing 18 and 21 damage respectively. The fighter felt that he landed a killing blow but he too was confounded by the creature’s alien physiology. Banjo pulled out one of his wands and fired two magic missiles at the monster between Clint and Dargoth. The spell hit dealing 7 damage which destroyed the creature.

At Thurstan’s command, Mr. Wolfe maneuvered to flank the flaming monster and snapped at the creature dealing 8 damage and knocking it prone. Mr. Wolfe suffered 1 fire damage for his success. Turstan attacked the prone monster with his rapier and dealt 8 damage.

From standing in the hot coals, Thurstan suffered 1 damage,  Mr. Wolfe 3 damage, Dargoth 1 damage and Clint 2 damage.

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